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My mother, when she was alive was a woman that always prayed for the betterment of people, she only saw good in people. I love my mother deeply and respectfully, she holds her strength in me even long after she's been gone, and she promised to be there when my grandson died from cancer, Cameron. I am sure she was one of the first people he saw. Shes an awesome being even still. Her brother David Wilson came out to Arizona from Oklahoma to oversee her celebration, and he is just as spiritually strong as her. It was a sad day when my Mother died, i miss her dearly, but i can only hope i have the will as her when its my turn to go. Ya went out gangsta Mom, kept your eyes on Him and i never saw you cry about yourself.....I LOVE YOU MOM! Steve ...more info

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Patricia Marie Stetson

Patricia Marie Stetson

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
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