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Pauline Markham (1847 - March 20, 1919) was a singer and burlesque dancer during the period of Civil War in the United States. She was a member of the Lydia Thompson troupe.
Had relations with several famous Northern Generals and Reconstructionists after the Civil War.
At the end of her life she was Mrs. Jean Gravel
Obituary New York Times
(Friday March 21, 1919)
Pauline Markham, a veteran actress, who was known throughout the country many years ago, died yesterday from hardening of the arteries at her residence, 438 West 23rd Street, after a long illness. She retired from the stage thirty years ago when her leg was broken. In private she was Mrs. Jean Gravel
She was born in 1847 in England, where she made her stage debut when still a child. She came to New York and appeared in the famous "Black Crook" of Niblo's Garden fame. With the closing of the "Black Crook," she played in "Pinafore."
For several years before her retirement Miss Markham appeared in a dramatic sketch with Catherine Dana, making her last appearance at Tony Pastors's. There will be a funeral service at the Campbell Funeral Church at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. . (from Wikipedia)
in New York City, Bronx County, NY USA


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