Peter Jorris Jorris family photo
Mary Giera

Peter Jorris

Peter Jorris was born May 2, 1824 in Baerl, Germany, son of Gerhard and Anna Catharina (Bonert) Joerris. He married Aletta Mermann on March 11, 1850 in Ixonia, Wisconsin. He was a minister of the German Reformed Church and is buried in Zion Reformed Church Cemetery (Poland, Indiana) beside the church he served for 20 years. He died in Poland, Indiana on October 26, 1891 ... show more

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There may be a mistake in Peter Jorris birth date. It has born May 2, 1924 and died in 1891. Just FYI
Jun 22, 2004 7:45 am reply
Photo taken at Poland, Clay County, Indiana
Peter Jorris

Rev. Peter Jorris

Born: May 2, 1824
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Rev. Peter Jorris