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THIS IS A POST CARD SENT TO LOUELLEN {BOWMAN}HOGAN,HAMM,BUSH .It is unknown if Fielding Bush or Adolph Hamm sent it but the date would agree mor with Adolph Hamm

On the front is a postcard photo and under the stock photo it reads Love Me And I'm Yours .

The card itself reads as best I can tell :
" Hello Lou how are you .I have been cold all day . I am on the highest hill in Estill Co. and the coldest place on earth when it is cold . But say Honey I am living and am well and as means as a --- beare.I hope to see you soon ,hope you are well and feeling good but you bet I would feel better if I could be by your side ,but Honey I will count days and I'll see you soon ." This may not be 100% correct , if you have a correction, etc . let me know .


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