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Robert Ludwig Heinrich Karl Gruschow
Parents: John & Bertha Burr Gruschow
Spouses: Sarah R. Davies & Pauline (Reiss) Riess
He had 2 children with Sarah & 1 with Pauline.
He was president of the Gruschow, McCabe Coal Co. in Chicago, IL.


Kenneth Lasley I am looking for ancestral information for my foster father's ancesters. Could you help?

Frederick "Fritz" Grischow
Birth: 14 Feb 1844 Germany Death: 16 Feb 1920 Kinfisher,OK
Friederike Christine Maria Krumm
Birth: 6 Mar 1846 Ludershof,Mecklenburg-Schwerin,Germany Death: Oklahoma Burial: Okarska Cemetery,Oklahoma

Sometimes spelled Gruschow or Grueschow. Changed to Grishow in the late 1800s
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