Rolan J Larrivey gravesite Larrivey family photo
Chris Larrivey

Rolan J Larrivey gravesite

A photo of the grave of Rolan J Larrivey.

About Rolan "Bud" J Larrivey

He was a Inventory Controller for Griffis AFB, Rome, NY. Additionally, he held many positions in the Boonville community including Captain of Fire Dept, Commander American Legion, Coach of Little League teams. He also delivered Meals on Wheels and was a long time bartender at the Hulbert House on Main St. in downtown Boonville. ...more info

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Veteran marker on back of Bud's tombstone.
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Rolan J Larrivey gravesite

Rolan "Bud" J Larrivey

Born: Oct 27, 1930
Died: Sep 29, 2002 (age 71)
Also in this photo: Rolan "Bud" J Larrivey