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Joseph and Elizabeth PETTY of Warren/Sussex Co., NJ had a daughter, Margaret, b. 1790, who married Henry Stoltz who had lost his first wife. Their third child was John C. STOLTZ who married Mary Ann DISHONG. The man in the photo was their son, John Wesley STOLTZ who married first, Marian Mary MUSGROVE, who appears proudly with her young son, William Adam STOLTZ, b. September 24, 1875. I remember thinking that the young Mother did not look well in either photo. Grandmother Margaret PETTY was not still living when Marian brought her young son back to OH to see the relatives but the child's grandfather STOLTZ could have still been living. His exact death date is not known to the family.

A couple of years later, the family had another photo taken in Olney, IL to which they had probably migrated by that time and the Mother goes to be w/ her Maker in 1877. The father remarries to Laura Baker, and a large family is born to the second marriage in IL where he remains; but we know nothing about his second marriage or descendants. The grandson, from the photo, was raised by his grandmother. The pin worn by Marian Mary was handed down through the years and the descendant who contacted me now has it in her possession. We were each most grateful to be able to put our two stories and theories together and to discover that indeed we had identified the young couple and their son.

The relationship between Flory Icy PETTY, daughter of Wm. H. and Minnesota ELDER PETTY and John C. STOLTZ was first cousin, twice removed.


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