Sir Edward Threston (Knights Templar)

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Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller

“In 1239 Sir Thomas de Sandford gave land to the Knights Templar enclave in Oxford's Temple Cowley. In the reign of Edward II the Templars were suppressed and in 1324 the Knights Hospitaller took over. In 1541 Henry VIII dissolved the order, and the land passed to Cardinal Sir Thomas Wolsey.”

-Quoted from Wikipedia:: [external link]#Knights_Templar_and_Knights_Hospitaller

Quoted from The Knights Templar in Temple Cowley - Research carried out by Caroline Morrell on the Archaeology of East Orford website

“The Sandford Cartulary was compiled in the second half of the 13th century, by order of Robert le Eascropp, Preceptor of the Sandford Templars in this period. It was transcribed by Agnes M Leys in 1938 for the Oxfordshire Record Society and she describes it in her introduction as ‘the only complete record of the estates of any house of the Templars in England’ (vi).”

from page 93 of The Sanford Catulary


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