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Thaddeus began life as a farmer in VT, then moved to Michigan, then Missouri, KS, Nebraska and finally settled in Gonzales TX. He was a soldier in the Civil War. He served in Company D Unit 25 Michigan Infantry from Aug 1862 - Apr 1864.

His Obituary in the The Gonzales Inquirer reads:
Gonzales, Gonzales Co., Texas
June 19, 1890

Bitten by a Rattlesnake.

Tuesday morning Mr. Thaddeus CADY, an old gentleman about 70 years of age, accompanied by a little girl, went to the river bottom of Mr. S. S. BARBER to get a load of wood. While chopping wood he was bitten by a large rattlesnake on the calf of the leg. He killed the snake and cut off the rattles and gave them to the little girl and started to town. While going through a gate the wagon became fastened on a port and Mr. CADY in endeavoring to get out, fell to the ground overcome by the poison. The little girl ran to a house near by and secured assistance. Mr. CADY was brought to town in an unconscious condition and at 4:20 p.m. died from the effects of the bite. The snake had ten rattles. Mr. CADY was buried Wednesday evening. Several rattlesnakes had been killed previously in the bottom by men cutting wood. The fangs of the snake were driven through his pants and underclothing, and the wounds were about an inch and a half apart.
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