The Efremidis Family, Greece Efremidis family photo
Mia Efrem

The Efremidis Family, Greece

The Efremidis of Greece in 1955. Surnames also include Contos and Christidis - those are sons-in-law.

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Mia Efrem Efremidis Family Grandfather Harallabos, Grandmother Paraskevi, sons John ( Dad & Mom Georgia nee Poursani....) George, Daughters, Ligeri, Zammro, Fofo, Suzanna, Grandchildren Victoria, Bobby, Nick - Son in laws, surname Contos (left) Christidis(right) & I forget the other surname.
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Mia Efrem Georgia nee Porsanidiis Efremidis. Mom's Mom's maiden name was Stratigias with Family in Canada
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Photo taken at Athens, Greece County, Greece on