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...once again, I cross paths with yet another group family photo of Yeager's with the notation of G.P. Yeager Family on the back... ...could you be kin of Abijah, could G.P. stand for Gabriel Perry.. ...I feel your closeness, but I cannot feel your foundation... so I must continue my hunt... there are 9 people in this photo... a mother and father, what appears to be five male children, and two female children... there anyone out there who recognizes this wonderful family, who cold lighten my load and shed some light on this mystery...


Elizabeth Johnson Middle: Gideon Pierce & Erzula Patterson YEAGER, sons O.D. far left and Lonnie far right.Back: children John Henry, Rebecca "Larkie," Charles Leander; Front: Ada and Ida. McGee, I.T., OK, abt 1900-06.
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