The Jacob & Nellie (Fields) Colglazier Family Baker family photo
BettyJane Carl

The Jacob & Nellie (Fields) Colglazier Family

Front row, seated from left to right:
Louisa (Colglazier) Baker; Carmie Colglazier) Norris; Bertha (Colglazier) Guthrie. Second row, standing: Chester Baker; Jacob Colglazier; Maggie Baker; Nellie (Fields) Colglazier; Webster Baker; James aka Tim, being held by his mother, Margaret (Dodd) Colglazier, who is next to her husband, Clay Colglazier. I wish to thank Nellie Reynolds for helping me with the identification of several people in this picture and in some of the other pictures connected with this family. ... show more

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correction: Back roll
Jun 06, 2004 3:55 pm reply
Back roll: Chester Baker, My dad: Jacob Colglazier, my grandfather: Maggie Baker, by grandmoter" Nellie Colglazier, my Grandmother: Webster Baker, my grandfather. Then comes Margaret and Clay colglazier with I would guess their oldest son, Tim. the bottom roll is correct. Louisa, my mother, Carmie and Bertha
Jun 06, 2004 3:59 pm reply
Photo taken at Mitchell Lawrence County, Indiana on
The Jacob & Nellie (Fields) Colglazier Family

Carmie Colglazier

Born: 1905
Died: unknown