The Tombstone of David Arthur Carl (1852-1941) and His Wife, Mary B. (Williams) (1861-1942) in Dade Co, MO

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I am grateful to Susan Carl, who during her vacation, travelled to Pennsboro, Missouri, located the Pennsboro Cemetery and this tombstone, and photographed it. David Arthur Carl, born in Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio 2 Oct 1852, was the son of Wilson Carl and his wife Elizabeth (Swickard), and the 12th of 16 children. In 1880, he married Mary aka Margaret B. Williams, and they had seven children: Lillie May, Stephan James, John Wilson, Christena Melissa, Carrie Bell, Mollie Dorcas, and Elbert Paul. Mary aka Margaret Williams, the daughter of John Williams and his wife Jane (Jones, both of Wales, was also born in Pomeroy, Ohio, but on 3 June 1861. David died in Olinger, Green Twp, Lawrence Co, Missouri on 31 May 1941, and Mary died a year later on 24 May 1942 in Miller, Miller Co, Missouri.
at Pennsboro Cemetery, Pennsboro, Dade County, Missouri USA


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