The Tombstone of Seaborn Barnes, One of Sam Bass's Gang Members

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According to Ancestry's OneWorldTree, Seaborn Barnes was the son of John S. Barnes and Martha Cannon. His father's parents were not named but his mother's were as well as several other generations of Cannon ancestors. This gray granite tombstone of Seaborn Barnes was erected by the Sam Bass Historical Foundation of Round Rock, Texas. It lies to the left of Sam Bass's tombstone, part of which can be seen here, as well as what is left of Bass's prior tombstone. Seaborn's tombstone gives his name and then reads: "Here lies Seaborn Barnes, a member of the Sam Bass Gang. Born in Cass County, Texas in 1849, he was known as "Seab" or Nubbins Colt.
[Ancestry's OneWorldTree gives his birthyear as 1852.]
On Friday July 19, 1878 at 4:15 P.M. he was shot through the head as he fled supplies store located next to Millers Exchange Bank on Main Street, Round Rock, following the killing of Deputy A. W. Grimes, & the wounding of Deputy Maurice Moore. The fatal shot was fired by Texas Ranger Richard C. Ware.

'He was right bower to Sam Bass.'"
at Round Rock Cemetery, Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas USA


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