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Thomas Mealbach's Fathers name was William, mothers name Frances Lucille Mealbach, maiden name Manzer. Frances's partents father Robert, mother Minnie, maiden name Fish). Thomas's siblings were; Brenda (married name Eilers,) William, Linda, (married name Lytwyn) Sharon, (married name Stajda.) Thomas was a very special person with a big heart., and was well loved by family , and friends alike. "Tommy" was a striking figure of a man, very good looking, and had an easy charm about him. September 24, 2007 Risko's Funeral Home In Honor Of Thomas Charles Mealbach By Sharon Stajda, In Memory Of Brother Tommy On behalf of our family - I want to thank everyone for coming this afternoon. We so appreciated your kindness. What to say to honor my brother Tommy in death. I pondered for several days, and naturally spoke with several people this week, all giving their sincere condolences, and all trying to put Tom's death into some sort of perspective. "Tom was suffering." "His quality of life these past few years was poor." "Tommy would have wanted to end his suffering." "He's better off, the world is not as nice a place as it was..." I asked myself -- actually how would Tommy react or feel to these many sentiments? After all I wanted the his eulogy to reflect his feeling, his beliefs. I didn't want my words to sound as if I were talking about a stranger. What would Tommy have said? Tommy would have said - bullshit! What I gleaned from my brother in the last few months of his life was that he wanted to live. He wanted so badly to live. At one point he asked me -- how the hell do people make it through this cancer treatment? I had no other answers to tell him but what I had told so many of my patient's for so many years -- you take it day by day, listen to the doctors, take treatment, and try to keep your life as it was before the treatments started. Hold on and pray... Just last Sunday my husband and son and I helped him move into his new apartment. He was so happy that day, even claimed he was going to have us all over to dinner... He appeared to have new found hope... I spoke with him the morning he passed. His actual last words to me were, " I am going to beat this Shar..." "I am going to beat this." Ending our conversation with I love a Shar. I can't remember him ending any conversation or visit any other way... I love you Shar, in that deep distinctive voice . I wanted to believe his words, yet after seeing him Sunday, and being a nurse, I new in my heart he was near the end. I clung to hope... Thinking to myself - Tommy has always been a survivor? He had survived many disappointments in his life, and somehow at the other end of a problem -- landed on his feet. The last few years this world knocked him around but good... He felt his government had failed him in regard to obtaining decent health care, and he also was mad at himself. Stating "I abused my body, these problems are problems I created." Yet he had a plan -- a plan to try and beat his health problems, and go on to make every effort to see an end to his health problems, and go on enjoy life. Tommy loved what life had to offer. He loved his family and friends, and had a great love of nature. Oh yes he loved what life had to offer... He loved to sit around a kitchen table and bullshit, in Toms own words– "the Mealbach's are kitchen people." This tradition goes all the way back to when our aunt Clara would visit on Friday nights, and we would all sit around the table and have a great time talking, and enjoying each others company. Another great love of Tommy's was nature, and all it had to offer. He always had a garden somewhere, if it was on moms balcony or weed under artificial lights. He often talked about the times he spent with our nephew Kirk on their boat. He loved the water, and loved to fish... Not long ago mentioning the moon flowers he loved in our sister Linda's yard, and how he would fetch me some seeds this fall -- so I could plant them in my garden next year. Tommy loved life, and all the earth had to offer. He enjoyed his friend, and often talked about friendships. His rock Lionel, his dear friend John. He loved music, rhythm and blues. One of his favorites was Luther Vandross. Oh, and he loved to dance... He loved the lions, never gave up on them. He valued family, he especially loved Mark, Kirk, and Paige. Sort of standing in as a father figure through out their lives. He loved a son Brawn. He loved a girl named Cindy "the one that got away. He always spoke of how compatible they were. He loved his mother, and after her health began to failed a few years back, he moved in and cared for her. Making sure she was cared for was his first priority until the day he died. But now he has passed, and we each in our own way will deal with his passing. In my opinion, and naturally I speak only on my own behalf. I feel in my heart that Tommy would not have wanted us grieve. But to remember the good times we had with him – keep the good memories, and learn from the bad. He may have asked us to contemplate the path he traveled through life? Perhaps learn from the many detours his path led him down. I want to believe he would have wanted us to promote and lead health lifestyles, and enjoy what God gave us on this good earth. And foremost, to love and care for our family's, and friend's, keeping them close. I hope your in ear shot Tommy? I feel you are.... I know you are in a better place, and you are in the good company of Dad, Buz, and Aunt Clara. Please know I will keep you in my prayers, and in my heart. God Bless You Tommy... We will all miss you so.... ...more info

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Thomas C Mealbach

Thomas C Mealbach

Born: Feb 13, 1952 in Detroit, MI
Died: Sep 18, 2007 (age 55) in Dearborn, MI
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