Thomas J. McGarraghy.Born in Rathfrask (Cliffony South, Sligo) Ireland.B:1895-B:1975 Rochester,New York

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Thomas J. McGarraghy in Rochester, New York in 1975 : Born Rathfrask (Cliffony South) Sligo,Ireland, Mar 16 1895; Died in Rochester, New York, Feb of 1975. My Grandfather was a great man who was born in Sligo. Ireland.

Thomas J.McGarraghy had 3 children - Alice, Evelyn and Thomas. "PUP" was a great (REALTOR) Rochester New York. Born Ireland: Mar 16 1894; Died in Rochester, New York: Feb of 1975.
I'm Patrick Crowley son of Alice McGarraghy Crowley and (Bus) Husband Clement I. Crowley 7/21/1921-1/26/2012. Alice Mae McGarraghy was Born in Rochester NY July 1919 - died Aug 1999 . She was the Daughter of Alice M. Gilmartin McGarraghy who was born in Drumfad, Ireland, to Michael Gilmartin & Mary Feeney of Moneygold, Drumfad. Sligo Ireland_more = Alice M McGarraghy / Daughter of Michael Gilmartim of Drumfad Sligo Ireland./ Alice's Father died Sept.12,1922 in Drumfad,Sligo Ireland.
2 Alice McGarraghy returned in 1921 with her 2 yr old Daughter Alice Mae McGarraghy.Alice Mae was 2yrs
and traveled to Ireland in 1921 With father Thomas McGarraghy Sr.BIRTH: march 16 1896
Location /ARRIVAL: emigrated through Manhattan in 1913 age 24 to NYC:worked first for PARK AND TILFORD "Luxury Grocer of Finest Goods,Lobby of Current hotel Pierre 5th. ave at 59th ave of Manhatten.NYC.Moved to Rochester Ny afterVisiting his brother 1918:RESIDENCE:
Rochester,New York 14621 Top REALTOR in Rochester as was I was.I'm now retired in Ft.l Fl 33316 Born 1955,in ROC.

2 Thomas Mc Garraghy &
2. Alice M Mc Garraghy
BIRTH: abt 1895 - location Sligo
ARRIVAL: Manhatten NewYork
960 Portland Ave,
Rochester,New York 14621
followed by her Sister
2 Sarah Gilmartin
From Sligo Ireland in
:never married &
worker at Eastman Kodak in Rochester Ny.
B: ? D: abt 1970
Lived with Sister and brother in law at their home.
in Rochester, Monroe County, New York United States of America


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