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Front Row: Gilbert(little boy), Pleasant Aaron McCullough holding daughters Josephine and Christine, John C McCullough holding dau Mable, Sarah Frances Sivley McCullough, Hannah McCullough Gay, James Thomas McCullough holding son Price, Annie McCullough Sivley beside daughter Lola; Second Row: Jenny Proctor(wife of Pleasant) holding son Brentz, Hattie Walker(wife of Dave), Lucy McMillan, wife of John, Gertrude Gay, Minnie Gay, Pearl Howell(wife of James Thomas)holding son Howell McCullough, Joseph Wade Sivley. Third Row: Emmett, Arther, Irvin, sons of John McCullough. Willis Gay, son of Hannah, Bert McCullough, son of John.
at McCullough Homeplace, Morris Chapel, Lawrence County, Alabama


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