Verl E Ortman, New York Ortman family photo
Maria Martin

Verl E Ortman, New York

A photo of Verl E Ortman with his niece Cathy.

About Verl E Ortman

Verl liked to be called Ed. His brothers and sisters last names include Cummings, Marshall, and McCaulley. Some of the sisters have been married. Last names include Pearson, Holland, Penoyer, and Dorwood. ...more info

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Photo taken at Aunt Nancy's house DeRuyter, Madison County, NY 13052
Verl E Ortman, New York

Verl E Ortman

Born: Apr 21, 1948 in Cortland, NY
Died: Jun 1, 2010 (age 62)
Also in this photo: Verl E Ortman