Vernon L. Simonson Simonson family photo
Diane Malcolm

Vernon L. Simonson

A photo of Vernon L. Simonson, 1905 - 1997.

About Vernon L. Simonson

Vern married my mother, Edle B. (Quamme) Hanson on June 23, 1945. My father had died in an auto accident. I have one brother, Harold Hanson. We lived at 6504 15th Ave. So. in Richfield. Vern and my mother still owned that home when they died. Vern loved to read and his favorite hobby was photography. He also enjoyed swimming, canoe, golf and tennis. He was very much involved with the union movement in the 1930's in Minneapolis. He worked for Strutwear at the time. There are many newspaper articles about the Strutwear strike. At one time he was beaten and left for dead in an alley. I found evidence that his family were members of the Socialist Party in the mid 1930's. My brother and Vern had an uneasy relationship as their interests were so different. Daddy and I had a very good relationship. I was only 4 when mom married Vern so it was easier for me. Vern enjoyed good health nearly all of his life. He was a good step-dad and treated my mom quite well. His only fault was keeping stuff way beyond its usefullness. I hope this gives you some insite. I have other information of the family. His parents and sister, Marion, lived next door for most of my life. They moved to Prior Lake in the 1950"s ...more info

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Vernon L. Simonson

Vernon L. Simonson

Born: Jul 21, 1905
Died: Jul 18, 1997 (age 91) in Bloomington, MN
Cause: Prostate Cancer

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