Versell, Barton, & Ruth Tuttle Tuttle family photo
P Tuttle

Versell, Barton, & Ruth Tuttle

My paternal grandfather, Versell E. Tuttle with Barton and Ruth Tuttle in about 1967 and probably on Christmas (compared to other photos from the same day). Versell was still married to Beulah at this time. They lived in Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio. Versell was born in Laurel County, Kentucky.

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Photo taken at Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio USA on
Versell, Barton, & Ruth Tuttle

Versell Elvin Tuttle

Born: Apr 10, 1922
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Versell Elvin Tuttle at 45 years old  ·  Barton Tuttle at 5 years old  ·  Ruth Tuttle at 3 years old