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Willey Brooks Marrs was born on a farm near Dixon, Webster Co., Kentucky 4 Aug 1892. He was the son of Dockery Jordon Marrs and Cynthia Barthena McClaire Price.

Wiley, a tall red-haired man, worked for the C.B.Q. railroad as a gandy dancer. He worked for the coal mines in Valier, Illinois helping sink the mine, loading coal, running machines, using dynamite. The house he had in Valier was built by he and other miners, then paid for by deductions from his paycheck.

When in St. Louis, Missouri he worked for Busiers Steam Shovel Company, was again a railroad gandy dancer and a shipping clerk.

Wiley later retired to his cabin at Crab Orchard Lake in Illinois, among the wide expanses of cornfields, filled with Canada Geese. He was famous for his bar-b-ques, starting early morning, going all afternoon. The special ingredient was beer, although not all of it went into the sauce!

When he could no longer stay at the cabin, he went to live with his son, Carl Reeves and Cecila Marrs, at Lake Sherwood, Missouri. He died 20 Jan 1985 in St. Joseph's Hospital, St. Charles, St. Charles Co., Missouri and was buried 23 Jan 1985 in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Valier, Franklin Co., Illinois.

He married Maude Elsie Golden 1 Jan 1911 in Morganfield, Union Co., Kentucky/ Maude was born 28 Mar 1893 Point Twp., Posey Co., Indiana and died 7 Apr 1924 a farm near Valier, Franklin Co., Illinois. She was buried 8 Apr 1924 in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Valier, Franklin Co., Illinois.

Wiley Brooks Marrs courted Maude Elsie Golden, borrowing her employer's (Walt Omer) horse and buggy and taking her to the Uniontown Fair. Walter Omer was the surety on the marriage bond. He and his wife, Edna, witnessed the affidavit of Maude's age of twenty-one. If her birth date is recorded correctly, they were fibbing.
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