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William Dallas Chesterman (1845 - 1904)

The eldest son of Edwin Henry Chesterman (c.1817 – 1871) and Mary Catherine Jenkins (c.1825 – 1888) of Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia. In January of 1862, Dallas enlisted in the Richmond Light Infantry Blues (Company E, 1st Regiment; later Company A, 46th Regiment, Wise Legion, C. S. A.) He was wounded at Petersburg in June 1864 and later served as a clerk in the C.S.A. war offices.
In February of 1867, Dallas married Mildred Victoria Davis in Richmond's Grace Street Baptist Church. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Chesterman were the parents of four children: Cuthbert (Mrs. Arthur Wellesley Lee), Davis Roscoe, Evan R., and Mildred Dallas Chesterman.

In 1870, Dallas was appointed as a member of Richmond's City Council, a council that succeeded in replacing military and carpet-bagger rule with civil government.
Dallas was a newspaperman who worked for a number of publications (Richmond Examiner, Southern Opinion, Index & Appeal) and finally as the editor of the Richmond Dispatch. He also wrote books for boys (The Bobcat of Jump Mountain”, “The Lady Dragon of Dancing Point”, etc.) as well as travel guides (Guide to Richmond and Its Battlefields”, “The James River Tourist”, etc.)
Dallas had four siblings: Roscoe Dabney, Wirt Aubrey,and twins Forrest S.and Florence G. Chesterman (Murray.)
in Richmond, Virginia USA


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