William, Mary, & Robert, & Elizabeth Gorbutt

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Pictures of paintings of William Gorbutt(born 1801)and Mary Gorbutt(Rafton), who died 1882. Their son, Robert Gorbutt (born 1827 in Dwight, England) and his wife Elizabeth Gorbutt(Kirkpatrick)born in Dwight, Canada. They had a son, Robert Gorbutt (born 2/09/1880 in Dwight, Michigan and died 5/19-1955). He married Emma Inabnit-Gorbutt and had three children. Elmo Gorbutt, Merlin Gorbutt, and my Great Grandmother, Virtuel Gorbutt-Beard-Paul.
in Napavine, Lewis County, Washington USA


DeeLyn Beard Also, Anna Gorbutt is a sister to Virtuel, Elmo, and Merlin but I don't have very much information on her. I'm assumeing she is younger then Virtuel and died young. Virtual died in 1994. Elmo and Anna I believe passed before. My great uncle Merlin passed a year later in 1995 following his wife passing months after Virtuel. All resided in Oregon, Coos Bay and surrounding areas.
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