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in Baltimore City, MD


Bj Bussells Wm & Lillian are my mother's parents and I would love to be able to positively identify the other Lady seen here. Please let me know, if you can ID her for me
Feb 10, 2005 · Reply
Bj Bussells I anyone recognizes the lady seated in the car & can confirm that she is Marry Renner Germac, please notify me
Mar 17, 2005 · Reply
Bj Bussells I'd love to know more about Mary & Her husband, Frank Germac. They were the parents of my 'Pop-pop' - Wm J Germac from Baltimore MD
Mar 17, 2005 · Reply
Bj Bussells Jan 2006 my new email address is [contact link]
May 08, 2009 · Reply
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