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Alauddin Surname History

The Alauddin (which may also be spelled Aladin) family is Muslim and is originally from Arabic countries which may include, but not necessarily is limited to, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Eventually, the family spread to India and a famous member of the family may be Emperor Alauddin-Khilji, ruler of India. One branch of the Alauddin family says that the family is a mixture of Asian and East Indian.  Do you have more information about the Alauddin family, its history, or the meaning of the surname Alauddin?  If so, please add it to this page.

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Alauddin Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Alauddin is a Muslim surname, probably originating in Arab countries - perhaps Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, or Afghanistan - but since spreading into nearby countries such as India. The Alauddin family is a mixture of Asian and East Indian.

Alauddin Meaning & Etymology

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The meaning of Alauddin come may come from a trade, such as the name "Gardener" which was given to people of that profession. A lot of these craft-based surnames might be a profession in some other language. This is why it is essential to know the ethnicity of a name, and the languages spoken by its early ancestors. Many modern names like Alauddin are inspired by religious texts such as the Bhagavadgītā, the Quran, the Bible, and so forth. Often these names are shortened versions of a religious expression such as "Favored of God".

Alauddin Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Another spelling of Alauddin may be Aladin.

Last names similar to Alauddin

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Alauddin Family Tree

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Famous People named Alauddin

Suggested as a famous member of the Alauddin:

  • Emperor Alauddin-Khilji, died 1316, ruler of the Turkic Khilji dynasty of India.

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