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Most Common First Names

  • William 3.4%
  • James 3.0%
  • John 2.6%
  • George 1.8%
  • Mary 1.8%
  • Robert 1.6%
  • Charles 1.6%
  • Thomas 1.5%
  • Henry 0.8%
  • Arthur 0.7%
  • Joseph 0.7%
  • Frank 0.7%
  • Aldridge 0.7%
  • Walter 0.6%
  • Edward 0.6%
  • Elizabeth 0.6%
  • Richard 0.6%
  • Frederick 0.5%
  • Alice 0.5%
  • David 0.5%

Aldridge Last Name History & Origin


Name Origin

Nationality & Ethnicity

Early Aldridges

These are the earliest records we have of the Aldridge family.

Aldridge Death Records & Life Expectancy

According to our database of 9,065 people with the last name Aldridge that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy

68.7 years

Oldest Aldridges

These are the longest-lived members of the Aldridge family on AncientFaces.

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Roberta Hansen My name is Roberta Ann (Aldridge) Hansen. I am 37 years old and desperately trying to find my Dad. His name is Nelson David Aldridge and is 76 years old. I know that he also has 2 sons one named Robert and one named Gary. I would really like to meet my Dad. If anyone out there knows of him and could tell me more about him I would greatly appreciate the information. If anyone would want to tell me something please e-mail me at [contact link]. I hope to hear from some of you. Thank you for your help. I would love to get to know more of my family.
I almost forgot the last time I had heard anything about him he was in Florida.
Apr 14, 2008 · Reply