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Alotaibi Surname History

The Alotaibi consists of 150 branches and more than one million people, Otaiba is a common name in the tribe, while the original name is the Bani Saad, who was known in ignorance of Islam and called Shaba bah, This is verbatim from one member of the family: "Otaiba meets with ratios Sharif in seriously, "harmful" as well as they are uncles from his Ms. Halimah Alsaadiyah, who breastfed the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and its an honor for them that Ms, Halimah Alsaadiyah from Bani Saad."   If you are from the Alotaibi family, you may be able to explain the preceding.


The Al-Otaibi tribe is from Hawazin, Qais, Mather, and  Adnan and is one of the largest tribes of the Arabian Peninsula.  The Al-Otaibi tribe also resides (minorities of them) in Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, and the Arab Gulf countries.They are known for their courage, generosity and have been written about by historians regarding their role in the history of the Arabian Peninsula.  They are poets and Knights. This is according to one branch of the Alotaibi family.

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Alotaibi Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

It may be that the Alotaibi family is from the Al-Otaibi tribe of the Arabian Peninsula.

Alotaibi Meaning & Etymology

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Oldest Alotaibis

These are the longest-lived members of the Alotaibi family on AncientFaces.

Most Common Alotaibi First Names

According to our database of 7 people with the last name Alotaibi that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • Omar 28.6%
  • Jaser 14.3%
  • Hamed 14.3%
  • Yousef 14.3%
  • Samir 14.3%
  • Adam 14.3%

Alotaibi Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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