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Aluko Surname History

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The family history of the Aluko last name is maintained by the AncientFaces community. Join the community by adding to to this genealogy of the Aluko:

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Aluko Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity


Aluko Meaning & Etymology

The Name Aluko Originated In Ilesha Osun State Nigeria, Aluko Is A Strong Warrior, A Warrior Who Cast Away Any Cause Spell's To Him By His Heads And He Never Afraid Of War And His Very Brilliant And Loyal.

Aluko Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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Researching misspellings and alternate spellings of the Aluko surname are important to understanding the history of the name. In times when literacy was uncommon, names such as Aluko were transcribed based on how they sounded when people's names were written in government records. This could have resulted in misspellings of Aluko. Last names like Aluko transform in their pronunciation and spelling as they travel across villages, family unions, and eras over time.

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Famous People named Aluko

Aderemi Aluko a.k.a Igwe1. Eniola Aluko (Chelsea Ladies Footballer) Omatsone Aluko (Footballer Club Hull City Player) Kola Aluko (Co-Chief Officer and an Executive Director of Atlantic Energy) Late Prof Samuel Adepoju Aluko (Professor) Tayo Aluko (Writer, Performer, Producer) Mobolaji E. Aluko (President/CEO of Alondex Applied Technologies) Emmanuel Aluko (CFA's Skills & Expertise)

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