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Antaki Surname History

The Antaki family is Syrian, coming from the area of ancient Antioch, Turkey, and Syria. Many family members are still living in Aleppo and Damascus. The name Antaki actually means "one who comes from Antioch" but many family members have emigrated to Europe (especially France ) and America (especially the United States of America).1 Read on to find out more about the Antaki family. If you know more about this family, please add your knowledge by clicking below!

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Antaki Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

The Antaki family comes from Antioch, Turkey, and Syria.1 The Antaki family is Syrian.1

Antaki Meaning & Etymology

Antaki means "one who comes from Antioch"1, an ancient region of the Near East.

Antaki Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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Researching spelling variations and alternate spellings of the Antaki family name are important to understanding the history of the name. Last names like Antaki transform in how they're said and written as they travel across tribes, family lines, and countries over the years. In early history when few people could write, names such as Antaki were transliterated based on how they sounded when people's names were recorded in government records. This could have resulted in misspellings of Antaki.

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Antaki Family Tree

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Famous People named Antaki

Members of the Antaki family have been prominent in Syrian business, law, and politics.

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