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Most Common First Names

  • Charles 2.4%
  • John 2.4%
  • William 2.2%
  • James 2.0%
  • Mary 1.9%
  • Robert 1.7%
  • George 1.4%
  • Richard 1.2%
  • Paul 1.1%
  • Ruth 0.9%
  • Helen 0.9%
  • Dorothy 0.9%
  • Donald 0.8%
  • Henry 0.8%
  • Anna 0.7%
  • Harold 0.7%
  • Howard 0.7%
  • Virginia 0.7%
  • Margaret 0.6%
  • Joseph 0.6%

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Aletha Campbell Hello everyone, I am here to share what I know of my Dad's side of my family and hopefully someone can help me find the rest of my family. My Dad, Lawson Henry Arbogast, was the 10th of 11 children born on April 27th 1914 to Charles and Mary Arbogast at Ewing Nebraska. His Dad, Charles Henry Arbogast, was from Van Buren County Michigan. Apparently he was from a large family and he went to Nebraska to homestead during that time in the mid-late 1800's. He met my grandmother there and they married. He was around 37yrs old at the time. He was 21 yrs older than she was and she was 16 yrs old. Many members of our family have what we now know as Nail Patella Syndrome. My Grandfather, Charles had it, so did my Dad, Lawson. I have it as well as my brother, many of our children and lots of cousins, aunts and uncles.For those of you who are unfamiliar with it or have it and don't know what it is,,,most of us have defective fingernails. Our fingernails are thin, crack easily, have ridges, splits, and some just aren't there. We also have discovered these condition effects our skeletal system in that our knee caps are either very small or nonexistent, causing medical issues that have to be dealt with. Some require surgery others not. We have an extra "spur" in our backs around the waist level off of the spine. Some of us have elbows that do not fully extend. And there are many other things about us that would be interesting to compare notes about. Some have developed kidney issues, eye issues etc. What we would like to know is how far back it has come and who all had it, if we can find that information out. It would also be nice to know where these people lived and who their families are as we are all related.
Here is a little of my Dad's life for those who might be interested. Like I said before he was born in Ewing, Nebraska and lived his whole life in central and eastern Ne. He attended elementary school in the Clearwater area. He did go to the western part of NE for a short period of time where he met my Mother, Evelyn K. Robbins. They were married in Basset NE on Nov.1,1941. He served in the military during WWII in Europe. Returning home to Nebraska he farmed for many yrs. During that time two children were born, myself,Aletha Pearl, and my brother Samuel Henry. By the time we were born and growing up Dad and Mom lived in the Norfolk area. During the mid 60's Dad sold out of farming and moved into town where he went to work in a factory in Norfolk until he retired at the age of 62. At the age of 57 he suffered a stroke and heart attack. After which he continued to work another 5 yrs but was not as hardy of a man as he had been before the stroke. He lived to be 72 and died of a heart attack.
I would enjoy hearing from anyone who would like to share family stories, etc.
Respectfully submitted by Aletha (Arbogast) Campbell
Feb 21, 2010 · Reply