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Arcala Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

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The nationality of Arcala can be very difficult to determine in cases which regional boundaries change over time, making the nation of origin indeterminate. The original ethnicity of Arcala may be difficult to determine depending on whether the surname came in to being naturally and independently in various locales; for example, in the case of last names that come from a craft, which can come into being in multiple regions independently (such as the family name "Gardener" which was given to people of that profession).

Arcala Meaning & Etymology

Variation of the surname Alcalá (Spanish). Alcalà (Catalan) or Alcala are all transliterations of the Arabic word al-qal'a (القلعة), meaning "the citadel" or "fortification".

Arcala Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

är-cä-lə OR ärc-ə-lə

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