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Arizaga Surname History

The Arizaga history goes back so far to the 1400's. The first recorded entry was the Christening of a daughter of Xptoval (Christobal) de Arizaga and his wife, Doña Domenja de Olazabarren on April 23rd 1522. Their first child named Xptoval (Christobal) de Areyzaga Olazabarren marry Maria Perez de Guerbillano in Zumarraga.

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Arizaga Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

The Arizaga country of origin was The Baque Country., Zumarraga Guipuzcoa.

Arizaga Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of the last name ARIZAGA is Oak. (perhaps the family lived by an Oak tree.) Originally, the last name was Areyzaga, then Areizaga and now for some of us is Arizaga.  

Arizaga Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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Knowing misspellings and spelling variations of the Arizaga surname are important to understanding the possible origins of the name. In the past, when few people knew how to write, names such as Arizaga were transliterated based on how they sounded when people's names were recorded in public records. This could have resulted in misspellings of Arizaga. Family names like Arizaga transform in how they're spelled as they travel across communities, family branches, and languages over time.

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