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Avaga Surname History

The history of Avaga began from their descent ancestor. 'Antigya Avaga, a man who lives in Indonesia. Were the most respected, and honored man there. He helped people there, to build a colossal infrastructure, technologies, and much more. He was the first man that do an astral travel there. He discovered something special, something important. That no people know it, its written in an unknown glyphs.

It was almost hundreds of years since 'Antigya Avaga died. Those people were fanatic with him. And then, they named their own place as Avaga, thought no one did it on formality. The descendant of 'Antigya Avaga, named and spoke the place as Avaga. While other people there, which has no relation with 'Antigya Avaga spoke it just like usual people call that place.

'Antigya Avaga married with Pharia. Then, their first child, Muhammad Aeon Cordova Avaga was born. The son, moved from that place. And no one knows about them after that.

About hundreds of years later, about 1995, the name Avaga came again in that place. The name was Aditya Avaga Purwa. Its the most similar name to the first descent ancestor, 'Antigya Avaga.

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Avaga Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

The first origin of Avaga, is Indonesia. Place named Cattaract (later, named Kadara, and then Kediri). There was a small village, named Kemna Al-Quds (later, named Kemuning). That is the first origin where the Avaga family started. The name of the town, named by the people who respect the kindness of 'Antigya Avaga. Call the town as the town of Avaga, or simply, Avaga. From now on, only a small of people that call that town as Avaga. 'Antigya Avaga is inventor of many things, they have their own etnhics, and their own nationality.

Avaga Meaning & Etymology

Avaga, means the KEY, or the SILVER STAR. 'Antigya Avaga, the ancestor of the Avaga families names meaning is The Key to Luminance. So, the only things that is important in Avaga family is the first name. Muhammad Aeon Cordova Avaga for example, the Avaga meaning is always the KEY. So, the meaning of Muhammad Aeon Cordova Avaga is The Key of Kindness, Greatness, and History.

Avaga Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Avaga, may sounds like Eidvaga.

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