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Most Common First Names

  • Edward 1.9%
  • Hypolite 1.9%
  • Mary 1.9%
  • Ernest 1.9%
  • Elizabeth 1.9%
  • Leroy 1.9%
  • Wesley 1.9%
  • Charles 1.9%
  • Michael 1.9%
  • John 1.9%
  • Kenneth 1.2%
  • Gloria 1.2%
  • Louis 1.2%
  • Doris 1.2%
  • Floyd 1.2%
  • Linda 1.2%
  • Anthony 1.2%
  • Richard 1.2%
  • Jeanette 1.2%
  • Glenn 1.2%

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Elizabeth Winters My g-Grandfather was Adolph Joe Balius barried in Mc Cook Nebraska. Married my g-Grandmother Peral Christine (Jeffers) thay had two sons my Grandpa Robert Sylvester Balius Jan 5 1914 and Edmond Danial a year later. Pearl was born Feb 16,1899 married in 1913. Adolph died from a freek accadent in 1921. Adolph had just be relised from an apindex surgary and his family had a drag wagen busness. Adolphs brother Bill wanted help derlivering a piano my G- grandfather helped, the piano got away from Bill or John can't remember the brothers name the piano traped my g-grandpa he died the apindix surgary was hurt. there where 4 brothers in this family thay where very close and this was in mc cook nebraska . I tell this story because I'm looking for family doing genology on this line.
Oct 13, 2003 · Reply
Elizabeth Winters After My G-Grandmother Married, First Let me explain My G-Granmother was Given in Marriage to A Sweet Man Adolph Joe Balius.
Pearl Christine (Jefffers) was 13. Pearl Gave Birrth To My Grandfather at age 14. then her second son at age 16. age 17 Her Sweet Husband died of a surgy Complacation.
Pearl Re Married To another Sweet Man James C. Pardikes from Greese, He Love Managing a Resrant,
So James and Pearl opend a Resrant a long trailor. James Died in 1936 or so in Indiaona Nebraska East of Mc Cook Nebraska, Befor her Died about 1925 to 1930 Pearl Gave birth to a Daughter Who Died as a baby befor a year old. I can not Find her Place of being Barried or her name.
Last Marriage Hoyt Duff or Daniel Tuttle, Thay Lived as Husband and Wife till Death, Carbonmonexcide posing, thier heater in the house took both in 1974 Blythe California.
Jun 24, 2006 · Reply