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Benedetti Surname History

Please note there are many branches and forks to this family tree, what I list here may or may not apply to you so you may decide to trace your specific line rather than take genenral information.  

The benedetti line comes from two places, supposedly.  The name is said to either come directly from the bloodline of a Benedictine monk who took the name, and another option is for it to have been assumed by jewish people possibly hiding out under the name. 

Check your line, there is a french noble by the name of Vincent Benedetti who was an ambassador for Berlin.  (Benedetti, Noble (1869), Vincent (1817-1891) a distinguished French public servant and Ambassador to Berlin -


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Benedetti Meaning & Etymology

Benito, the Italian form of Benedict, meaning blessed. 

Benedetti Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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Understanding misspellings and spelling variations of the Benedetti last name are important to understanding the possible origins of the name. In early history when few people could write, names such as Benedetti were transcribed based on how they sounded when people's names were written in public records. This could have resulted in misspellings of Benedetti. Last names like Benedetti change in how they're said and written as they travel across tribes, family branches, and countries over the years.

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Find birth, death, marriage, military, and other Benedetti records at

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