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Benshalom Surname History

The surname Benshalom translates from the Hebrew as "the son of peace." The Benshalom family is most likely of Jewish lineage, perhaps from Morocco. This Benshalom research page contains the accumulated history of the Benshalom family name made up of user-uploaded content from other AncientFaces users. Benshalom family history has rich origins of which the particulars are beginning to be understood by Benshalom family members. The last name Benshalom is an old lineage that has migrated all across the world over the centuries, and as the name Benshalom has spread, it has changed making it's origin a challenge to uncover.

The family history of the Benshalom last name is maintained by the AncientFaces community. Join the community by adding to to this genealogy of the Benshalom:

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Benshalom Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Benshalom is most likely of Jewish origin.

Benshalom Meaning & Etymology

The name Benshalom comes from the Hebrew expression for "son of peace" (בן-שלום). It is most likely to be from Moroccan Jewish origin but it may vary or trace back to much earlier than the major Jewish presence in Morocco.

Benshalom Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Benshalom is a direct spelling of the hebrew expression for "son of peace", or "בן-שלום" (pronounced as "Ben-Shalom") in hebrew. The usage of the term "Ben" (hebrew) or "Bar" (aramaic) in Jewish surnames is common, from ancient times, to express the name of the father, for example: "Ben-Eliahu" for "son of Eliahu (Elijah)", "Ben-Haim" for "son of Haim". Sometimes used also to express a characteristic, for example: Ben-Tzur for "son of the Stone".

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