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Most Common First Names

  • Francesca 25.0%
  • Prasanna 25.0%
  • Sirisha 25.0%
  • Francis 25.0%

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PrasannaKumar Beti Beti is the surname which is given by my Grandfathers. The history I can explain about the Main Grand father who was called Mr. Ram Dass Beti who is to work as a temple in-charge and he is to express his ideas through preaching of the Lord Sri Rama through no of stage performances and drams. His second son my Grand Father Mr. Prakasha Rao Beti, he had converted into Catholic and migrated from North India to South India (Andhra Pradesh) later he migrated to Vijayawada and was employed in The Burmah Oil Company which was a leading British oil Company. He settled in Vijayawada and married to a catholic lady who was grown in St. Ann's sisters organisation of india. He has 12 children in those Mr. Francis ( Chinna Rao Beti) he also grown in RCM and educated in that organisatons later married to local lady Sirisha and got two children one is my self and other is Mr.Pavan Prakash Bety.
Apr 26, 2013 · Reply