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Beverhoudt Surname History

Today the name Beverhoudt is found mainly in the U. S. Virgin Islands and America.  Many have endeavoured to trace the origin of the name and their ancestors into the past, beyond these places, however there is as yet a brick wall in history here. 

The earliest record of the use of the name Beverhoudt is in 1673 when Engel van Beverhoudt, who was Vice Commandant on the island of Saba from 1687 until his untimely death in 1690, is recorded as visiting the island of St Thomas to attend  court. Also named as being on St Thomas in 1673 are Jannis van Beverhodut, Daniel van Beverhoudt and James van Beverhoudt.

Beverhoudt is believed to be of Dutch origin and the van Beverhoudts found in Saba and St Eustatius in the 1600s are assumed to be from among the settlers from Zeeland, a province on the south coast of the Netherlands.  Zeeland is partly made up of estuary islands and 2 of these are named Noord (North) Beveland and Suid (South) Beveland.  It has been suggested that the name Beveland came from the monastery of St Bavo.  However, a more literal translation of Beveland is simply 'beaver land' a meaning of the name which could have come from the constant work of shoring up the coast of these small islands against the sea and flooding - a work that is still maintained today in the dykes of Zeeland.  The Dutch translation of Beverhoudt is 'beaver keeps or holds'. 

In the records from the Danish West Indies (US Virgin Islands) the names van Beverhoudt and von Beverhoudt appear regularly to identify members of the same families. The family of Lucas van Beverhoudt who migrated to St Thomas from St Eustatius in 1680s, and whose grandchildren moved to the US in 1700s tend to use 'van' more often.  The families who came to St Thomas from Saba, Johannes von Beverhoudt uses von often and Claudius' family uses von sometimes.  This is another mystery of the Beverhoudt name which may be resolved in time.  The reason may be as simple as the ancestry of the Beverhoudt spouse, or of the person who wrote the record using the familiar form - von is usually Germanic and van is usually Dutch.

Found in the records of the Danish West Indies and Guinea Company, in the Danish Archives, is another indication that the name Beverhoudt comes from the Netherlands. It is in the use of patronymics in the Dutch form - Claudizoon (Claudi's son), Janzoon (Jan's son), Johannes EZ (Engelzoon - Johannes the son of Engel)  Johannes CZ (Claudizoon - Johannes the son of Claudi).  Interestingly, these patronymics don't seem to be used as much in the family of Lucas van Beverhoudt as in the families of Claudius and Johannes.

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Beverhoudt Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

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The nationality of Beverhoudt can be very difficult to determine because country boundaries change over time, leaving the original nationality indeterminate. The original ethnicity of Beverhoudt may be difficult to determine based on whether the family name came in to being naturally and independently in various locales; e.g. in the case of family names that are based on a professional trade, which can appear in multiple countries independently (such as the name "Archer" which was given to people who were bowmen).

Beverhoudt Meaning & Etymology

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The meaning of Beverhoudt come may come from a craft, such as the name "Dean" which may have been adopted by members of the clergy. Some of these profession-based last names can be a profession in another language. This is why it is useful to know the country of origin of a name, and the languages used by its early ancestors. Many names like Beverhoudt originate from religious texts such as the Bible, the Bhagavadgītā, the Quran, and other related texts. In many cases these surnames are shortened versions of a religious sentiment such as "Grace of God".

Beverhoudt Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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Family names like Beverhoudt vary in their pronunciation and spelling as they travel across tribes, family lines, and countries over the years. In times when literacy was uncommon, names such as Beverhoudt were transcribed based on how they were heard by a scribe when people's names were recorded in government records. This could have given rise misspellings of Beverhoudt. Understanding spelling variations and alternate spellings of the Beverhoudt name are important to understanding the history of the name.

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