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Most Common First Names

  • William 3.7%
  • John 2.6%
  • Charles 2.4%
  • Robert 2.1%
  • James 2.0%
  • George 1.3%
  • Mary 1.2%
  • Bickham 1.1%
  • David 1.1%
  • Hancock 0.8%
  • Willie 0.7%
  • Thomas 0.6%
  • Elizabeth 0.6%
  • Arthur 0.6%
  • Dorothy 0.6%
  • Cocks 0.6%
  • Pearson 0.6%
  • Matthew 0.6%
  • Mark 0.5%
  • Margaret 0.5%

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Loyd Bickham C.O. Bickham and his wife Nannie Ada(Warren)and their 5 small children came to NM from Texas in a covered wagon in 1910. There were some other families with them, The Johnsons and others.
They went toward the Capitan Mountains getting the wagons stuck in quicksand on the Pecos river.
Nannie begged C.O. to turn around and return to Commanche Tx. He said we will go as far as Portales.
They headed back only to become snowbound in Boaz NM Christmas day 1910. After a couple of weeks they were able to continue toward Portales.
Thats where they homesteaded and the Bickham family still owns the property today.
Mar 15, 2004 · Reply