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Most Common First Names

  • Robert 3.6%
  • John 2.9%
  • Charles 2.7%
  • James 2.7%
  • Thomas 2.6%
  • William 2.6%
  • Mary 2.2%
  • Richard 1.5%
  • Roy 1.5%
  • Donald 1.3%
  • Jerry 1.1%
  • David 1.1%
  • Opal 0.9%
  • Albert 0.9%
  • Ralph 0.9%
  • Cleo 0.7%
  • Henry 0.7%
  • Earl 0.7%
  • Kenneth 0.7%
  • Clara 0.7%

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Leon Johnson It was the 20th of December 1863,when most people would be thinking of Christmas,the time for prayer,and strong family values,proud american's that you dont see today,singing there hearts out for it was Christmas,but my Great grandfather Samuel Blacketer had other ideas, he had enlisted in the civil war,for the north,at Bethany ,Harrison Co. Missouri,just a 20 yr old young man.He had signed up for 3 Yrs. in the 12th Regiment Co. H ,Missouri Cal. He was sent to Tenn. around lookout mountain Tenn. We all know how bad the war was, on Nov 24 1864 samuel was captured in action at Campbellville Tenn. He was then sent to Andersonville Prison in Georgia,if one thought the war was hell,a bigger hell awaited him. There was a circle around there encampment,it was the death zone,cross this line and you were shot,no questions asked.Samuel got a lung problem while he was there,many men died of health problems there,I often sit and wonder the hell he must of gone thru to stay alive.
In 1865 the 28th of Apr. samuel was paroled to Jacksonville Fla. When he got back to Bethany Mo. he married Mary Ann Sills,to this marriage they had three wonderful children,Ida Belle,James & Sidney Blacketer,Mary Ann passed away only after 7 yrs of marriage,time had to be hard for all, Samuel married Mary Martha Funderburg,My great Grandmother. They had 4 children,Gus ,Julia,Lenny and Zada Blacketer,still times were hard for all the children. Samuel fought with his health for many years to come,he died in 16 Jan 1909 at Mcfalls Missouri,He lays in his grave at a nearby Church,with no headstone ,how sad,his country forgot him. Leon Johnson ,his great grandson
May 26, 2004 · Reply