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Most Common First Names

  • Alex 18.2%
  • David 9.1%
  • Ekow 9.1%
  • Kwabena 9.1%
  • Sarah 9.1%
  • Richard 9.1%
  • Tetteh 9.1%
  • Isaac 9.1%
  • Kodwo 9.1%
  • Yaw 9.1%

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According to our database of 6 people with the last name Blankson that have a birth and death date listed:

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David .k.o My name is david kwame oritseweyinmi [external link] 20yrs old and stil a student.i am the second,only boi and last son of my mother,mrs omotoyosi akibu(who is the first wife)of ma father'mr dave kojo blankson'.my elder sister's name is oluwatomisin amejuma blankson and my younger sis,orighomisan amejuma blankson.....i attended gloryville nursery and primary school at ebutte metta oyingbo after which i did my secondary education at c.m.s grammar school(first secondary school in Nigeria est.1859)..left there when i was in ss1 as an art student..i joined them in longford international school ebute metta..that was where i finished ma secondary education...gues this is where i av to stop for now...
Mar 04, 2012 · Reply