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Most Common First Names

  • Norman 5.6%
  • Fay 5.6%
  • Mary 5.6%
  • Frederick 5.6%
  • Jack 5.6%
  • Vivian 5.6%
  • Ida 2.8%
  • Anthony 2.8%
  • John william 2.8%
  • Derril 2.8%
  • Ada 2.8%
  • James 2.8%
  • Thelma 2.8%
  • Jerry 2.8%
  • Edna 2.8%
  • D 2.8%
  • Jewel 2.8%
  • Alice 2.8%
  • Frances 2.8%
  • Donovan 2.8%

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Sue Bodishbaugh The story was told at the family reunion in 1994. When Agatha was born, she had red hair. That morning she lay sleeping in the crib in the corner of the bedroom. The sunshine highlighted the red in her hair. A neighbor came to see the newborn and remarked how lovely she was. When she asked the child's name, Agatha's mother said, "Agatha, but we haven't decided on a middle name yet." The visitor said, "Well, she looks like a gift from heaven, lying at the bottom of that sunbeam." And so it was: Agatha Sunbeam Bodishbaugh.
Born 22 Jan 1900-Grayville, Illinois.
Died 15 Sep 1958.
Married William Thomas Taylor.
Mar 12, 2004 · Reply