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Most Common First Names

  • George 9.6%
  • Howard 5.8%
  • Jacob 5.8%
  • Adam 5.8%
  • Harry 3.8%
  • Philip 3.8%
  • John 3.8%
  • Charles 3.8%
  • Robert 3.8%
  • William 3.8%
  • Harold 3.8%
  • Henry 3.8%
  • Bert 1.9%
  • Louise 1.9%
  • Amanda 1.9%
  • Albert 1.9%
  • Ida 1.9%
  • Nancy 1.9%
  • Georg 1.9%
  • Wil 1.9%

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Life Expectancy

75.5 years

Oldest Breitenbuchers

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Judith Scholler Printed in the St.Louis Post Dispatch. No Date available.

"The Rock Island Magazine, one of the worthiest publications of its class in the United States, published in Chicago as the organ of the Rock Island Lines, carries in its July issue portraits, and a sketch of the Breitenbucher family , of Alexandria, Mo. The occasion for such favorable publicity being the fact that the father and his seven sons are all railroad men. George Breitenbucher, the head of the family , was a locomotive engineer forty years ago, but is now a farmer. His seven fine boys, all now employed on the Rock Island road, are in the order of their ages - Lewis and Henry, engineers; George, Jr., William F., Bert and Voiles, firemen; and Darwin brakeman. All are in the service on the Trenton division. There are other matters of interest associated with the Breitenbucher family which the above named magazine does not give. The grandfather of these fine boys-- the old original George - was a railroad builder, having assisted in the construction of the M.I. & N. railroad over 50 years ago. His son Frank was an engineer on the same road for many years. A daughter married Wm. Powell, an engineer; another daughter married Al. Fox, an engineer. They all constitute a very worthy family, and we are glad to read in the Rock Island magazine of the success that is being gained by the third generation of the Breitenbuchers. May they live long and prosper.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply