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Updated Apr 16, 2015

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Bursill Surname History

According to one family researcher, the spelling of the surname Bursill was originally Bursel and over time became Bursill, changing with the record keeping of priests for marriage, spelt depending on the county in England. When the Bursills arrived in Yorkshire, they settled on the  island now known as Burshill. This was a key point of entry at the heart of the Danish-ruled kingdoms from 886 A.D. (Northumbria, Mercia and East Anglia). Danish Viking visits around the British Isles in general spanned at least three centuries between 750 and 1050, variously for the purposes of trade, plunder, extortion, political alliance, the provision of mercenary naval fleets to English kings, or other gain - including permanent settlement.

The Vikings built a Great hall in norse called a "sel" by their leader Bur. ("BUR"  is "Odin Father" and "SEL" is "Great hall.")  Thus the Name (Bursel) Bursill, was created for the names of the Vikings from that area, which was a gateway of trade and power.

This Bursill origins and history page contains the accumulated history of the Bursill family name made up of user-contributed content from other AncientFaces users. Bursill family history has a complex evolution of which the particulars are beginning to be understood by Bursill family researchers. The Bursill family name is an old lineage that, according to one Bursill family researcher, originated with the Vikings and spread throughout the word as the Vikings moved into new countries.  According to this same researcher, the surname was originally "Bursel" (it can now be spelled Bursill, Bursall, Bursell, Burshill, and  Beursells) and meant "Bur" (who was the father of the Norse god Odin) and "sel" (a "great house" in Old Norse.) 

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Bursill Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

The family name Bursill is a Norse name. It's also  found in Scandinavia and a few centuries ago was compactly grouped around 3 tidal river estuaries, the proposition will have already occurred to many readers that these Bursells were the descendants of Viking settlers. Sel is a village in the municipality of Sel, Norway. 
Bursill's (sel) have migrated to all corners of the Globe ,although we are all related from the first Vikings. At least some branches of the Bursill family are Norse, some are English.

Bursill Meaning & Etymology

The surname Bursill (old Norse, Bursel)  is the name of an island in Yorkshire which Is called Burshill to this day. Burshill is also a small village in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is situated approximately 7 miles (11 km) north east of the market town of Beverley. It forms part of the civil parish of Brandesburton.
The name Bursill is Old Norse:  "Bur" was Odin's father  and "sel" was a room, a great hall, a (large) house, or a castle. (Heorot, sincfāge sel — Heorot, richly adorned hall.)

Bursill Life Expectancy

According to our database of 40 people with the last name Bursill that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy


Bursill Family Tree

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Famous People named Bursill

Bursill's In Australia.

The Bursill's have Two heritage listed buildings in Cambelltown NSW 
  • Glenalvon House
  • Bursill Shop
  • Two books have been written about the family (from Convict to Gentlmen)
Douglas Bursill.     
  •  Australian Schoolboys Rugby union player 1993,1994 vs Wales(vice Capt)
  • Nsw State wrestling Champion,3rd place Freestyle 2011
  • Pro sprinter(NSW)
  • http://www.docstoc.com/docs/98315124/Country-Energy-Queanbeyan-Gift
  • http://www.nswal.com/siteupdate/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/NSWAL-MARKS-MACKSVILLE-CARNIVAL-2006.pdf
  • Played Pro Rugby union (NPC ,European Cup ,NSW Development XV vs Japan,1st grade  Shute Sheild Rugby ,Sydney Australia 1995-2003 ,  Ranfurly Shield 2005 & for the Auckland colts1996  .)
  • Yongest player to play grade rugby union in sydney at 13 yrs of age .Running out for sydney uni vs Parramatta  6th grade .At Granville park .
  • First foreign Rugby player to play pro in Russia.
  •  Eastern Beachs beach sprint champion 1992 . At coogee beach -Running for Tamarama Beach surf life saving.
  • World Junior ski boot Throwing Champion

Don Bursill



  •  1958-59 Aust.CHampion T & F 220 yards 20.9 1 st place
  • in 1956 Don Bursill (Scots College), sprints; was the Commonwealth junior record holderhttp://news.google.com/newspapers?id=7nVWAAAAIBAJ&sjid=5uQDAAAAIBAJ&dq=don%20bursill&pg=4869%2C6399395
  •  Holds the G.P.S Record for the 100yards 9.98s(TSC) . This record will stand for all time and cannot be removed due to the fact that Australia converted to meters.
  • http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1301&dat=19590104&id=7nVWAAAAIBAJ&sjid=5uQDAAAAIBAJ&pg=4869,6399395


Tina Bursill. Actress

Les Bursill http://neil2decade.wordpress.com/2011/12/08/family-history-and-mysterythe-indigenous-connection/

William Bursill

Glenalvon House

Bursill Shop


292 Queen St Cambelltown NSW

The Bursill’s Shop was first opened in 1842 by William Bursill as a general store. A 2 storey sandstone building done in the Georgian Style, it was sold to William Fowler in 1850, who added space for a Post Office.

The building is now owned and used by the Benevolent Society of NSW.

December 28, 1820 (Age 17)

Text: He was convicted of stealing a gold seal and two rings on 20 June 1820 from one Edward Brennan. At the time he was living in the parish of St George's Hanover Square. He was sentenced at The Old Bailey Sessions to transportation for life and arrived in Sydney on the ship 'Asia' in 1820. The ship left Sheerness on 3 September 1820. He was working at Longbottom Farm in 1822 (ie Concord), for Samuel Terry in 1825 and for Thomas Galvin of Upper Minto, a farmer of 270 acres in 1828.
Text: Old Bailey transcript 28 Jun 1820:
WILLIAM BUSSILL was indicted for stealing, on the 30th of June, one seal, value 18 s., and two rings, value 2 s., the goods of Edward Brannan, from his person.

EDWARD BRANNAN. I am a gentleman's servant, and live in Paddington-street. On the 30th of June my seal and rings were fast to my watch-ribbon, when I was near the bottom of  Half-moon-street, near Curzon-street, between eight and nine o'clock at night in a crowd, as the Queen was expected to come down there, the prisoner came and cut my ribbon, and got my seal and rings. I felt a tug at my watch, I put my hand down, caught his hand with them in, and took them out of his hand.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

WILLIAM BUDDEN. I am a labourer. I was in the crowd with Brannan, the prisoner came before us and stopped. I suspected what he was after, and saw him cut the ribbon - the prosecutor seized him, and took the seals from him.

Prisoner's Defence. I picked them off the ground.

GUILTY. Aged 17.
Transported for Life. To Australia.Samuel William Bursill was transported for life from England at the age of 17 and after being granted his ticket of leave took up residence in Campbelltown with Bursill’s father, establishing a general store business.

Samuel William (Bill) BursillIn the 1950s Bursill was instrumental in determining the site for a ski village at Thredbo, where his first Bursill Lodge was built out of a giant refrigerator cabinet bought at an Army disposal store. He also had another tourism lodge Rainbow Beach in Queensland, where his lodge, The Mikado, was established when nearby Noosa Heads was just a sleepy hamlet.Also started the Quicksilver reef Service.

Andrew Bursill


  •  International Competition1990 World Junior 4 x 400 metres 3Ht only Ht2 1st 3:06.81; Final 3rd 3:05.51
  •  National Competition1988-89 Aust. Junior T & F 400 metres4 (3rd Aust.)48.39 
  • Still Holds the G.P.S record for the age group of the under 15 400m T&F (SGS) 50.1s


Jackson Bursill

Stephaine Bursill  Actress

Graham Bursill  

  • Austarlian University Rugby team...                                                          
  •  The Bursills are used as a case study at Sydney university for Masters of  Economics .

No. NSW G588 of 1987 
Trade Practices S43

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Most Common Bursill First Names

According to our database of 303 people with the last name Bursill that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • Edward 8.9%
  • John 5.9%
  • Robinson 5.6%
  • Frederick 4.3%
  • Prentice 4.0%
  • William 4.0%
  • Walter 3.6%
  • Bursill 3.6%
  • Mary 3.0%
  • Arthur 2.3%
  • Leslie 2.3%
  • Mitchell 2.0%
  • Hooper 1.7%
  • Ronald 1.7%
  • Hawkes 1.7%
  • Edna 1.7%
  • Florence 1.3%
  • Duffin 1.3%
  • Annie 1.0%
  • Harold 1.0%
  • Ellen 1.0%
  • Eda 1.0%
  • Harry 1.0%
  • Daisy 1.0%
  • Agnes 1.0%
  • Ruby 1.0%
  • Cavell 0.7%
  • Acason 0.7%
  • Donald 0.7%
  • Hector 0.7%
  • Eva 0.7%
  • Fran 0.7%
  • Frances 0.7%
  • Finch 0.7%
  • Frank 0.7%
  • Ethel 0.7%
  • Melba 0.7%
  • Jean 0.7%
  • Lottie 0.7%
  • Elizabeth 0.7%
  • Georgiana 0.7%
  • Isabel 0.7%
  • Clarence 0.7%
  • Martha 0.7%
  • Mavis 0.7%
  • Wangemann 0.7%
  • Rita 0.7%
  • Helena 0.3%
  • A 0.3%
  • Ada 0.3%

Bursill Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Bursill may be spelled:





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