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Most Common First Names

  • Cleo 20.0%
  • Terzo 20.0%
  • Jack 20.0%
  • Joseph 10.0%
  • Leo 10.0%
  • Patricia 10.0%
  • Patricia rose 10.0%

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Life Expectancy

67.7 years

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Unknown User Terzo Capadagli was born February 11, 1897 in Acqualagna,Pesaro,Urbino,Marche, Italy.His Parents ,Erminia Tontini b.December 05, 1872 in Acqualagna,Pesaro, Urbino,Marche, Italy and Arnoldo Capodagli b.June 17, 1867 in Fossombrone,Pesaro,Urbino,Marche, Italy. Had 9 Children 1) Fan├žois Capodagli 2)Caliope Capodagli 3)Terzo Capadagli 4)Amato Capodagli 5)Christine Capodagli 6)Ines Capodagli 7)Zoe Capodagli 8)Targuin Capodagli 9)Fernande Capodagli

In July 22, 1913 at the of Port Genoa , Liguria, Italy ,Terzo boarded the ship Stampalia with his Aunt Esterina Tontini DeCarli to meet Uncle Guiseppe DeCarli in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. August 06, 1913 arrived at Ellis Island,New York: he had $[external link] his pocket and at age 16 was 5'3"tall. They went from New York to Milwaukee,Wisconsin then on to Iron River, Crystal Falls,Iron County, Michigan,USA. Terzo was in the U.S.A. Military S.S.# 369-03-3597 worked at M.A.Hanna Co. Iron River,Iron County,[external link] a Minner.

Terzo married on March 11, 1920 in Iron River ,Iron County,Michigan,USA. Cleo Green b.April,6 1902 in Iron River,Iron County,Michigan,USA.Her Parents;George Burton" John" Green b.April 28, 1853 in Jefferson,Hillsdale,County,Michigan, USA.d.December 24, 1929 in Flint, Genesee Co, Michigan,USA GracelandCemetery , Flint. and Boadicea Walker b.October 18, 1858 in Lake County, Ohio,USA. d.October 27, 1937 in Flint, Genesee Co, Michigan,USA. Graceland Cemetery.
1)George Green 2)John Green 3)Female Green May 30,1878-May 30,1878 4)David Nelson Green b.June 30, 1879 5)Lottie E. Green June 25, 1881-June 27, 1957 6)Bertha A. Green b.October 09, 1883-October 20, 1886 7)Pearl Myrtle Green b.September 28, 1886-December 31, 1979 8)Flossa Green b.January 01, 1889 9)Lyle W. Green b.January 09, 1892-September 01, 1973 10)Dencie Green b.October 12, 1898-January 30, 1993 11)Cleo Green b.April 06, 1902-October 17, 1992.

Terzo and Cleo had one daughter and three sons.1)Living Female Capadagli 2) Jack Capadagli b.September 22, 1924-October 27, 2004 3)Leo Capadagli b.December 18, 1925-July 30, 1980 4)Living Male Capadagli

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