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Most Common First Names

  • Carlos 5.6%
  • John 4.5%
  • Miguel 4.5%
  • Antonio 3.4%
  • Martin 3.4%
  • Ana 3.4%
  • Alejandro 3.4%
  • Juan 3.4%
  • Jesus 2.2%
  • Edwin 2.2%
  • Rafael 2.2%
  • Ruben 2.2%
  • Joseph 2.2%
  • Ralph 2.2%
  • Jose 2.2%
  • Gilbert 2.2%
  • Luis 2.2%
  • Aldo 2.2%
  • Felipe 1.1%
  • Domingo 1.1%

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Ramona Caquias Looking for my father, Ralph Luis Caquias, born 10/15/1927 died 11/5/2007. I have been looking for my father since I was thirteen years old. He was married to my mother Queenie Caquias and I also have a sister Anita Caquias. We lived at 150 West 84th Street, new York in manhattan. He was a great father who taught us spanish from birth. I loved him so with all my heart and he and my mom separated sometime in the 1970's. My mom died in 1973 i believe and now we have neither parent. He was a great dad and all I have is a copy of my sister's birth certificate with his and my mothers name on it. Please help me to find my dad. I know he is deceased. but I would love to pay my respects because is was the best dad a daughter could have. I remember meeting his mom my grandmother back then you was very loving and accepted us. but I believe because we were mixed we may not have been accepted by our other family members. Please this is a new date and time and I would love to meet the rest of my family. We use to call him Raymond and sometimes "bobby" our name for him. I am biligual because of him and I am thankful more than you'll ever know. If anyone can help me god bless them.
Nov 05, 2012 · Reply