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Crisileo Surname History

Please see Country of Origin for the full story. Essentially, the Crisileo name is associated with awesomeness. Many family members talented in playing the Accordion. Accordion players do it standing up!

The Crisileos came to America on June 24th, 1912 on La Provence. Mario, wife Maria, Ettore and Pasquale Crisileo almost didn't get to make this voyage, but due to the recent Titanic sinking, many families cancelled their plans, allowing the Crisileos to board an otherwise unboardable ship. 

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Crisileo Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

The Crisileo family name can be traced back to Gattinara, Italy. Part of the Crisileo family came to America by ship (La Provence) leaving the port of Le Havre. Mario Crisileo (28), Maria Crisileo (23), Ettore Crisileo (3) and Pasquale Crisileo (1) came to America on June 24th, 1912. This voyage, along with several others around this time period, had a lot more reluctance to board due to the (then) recent Titanic sinking. Many families cancelled their trips, and this became good news for the Crisileo family, as they may not have been able to go otherwise. 

Crisileo Meaning & Etymology

Loosely translated using Italian and Latin languages, Crisileo means "The suffering lion". Aesop's fable about the Lion who eventually gets help from the mouse could be a tie in, but this is unofficial. 

Crisileo Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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In the past, when few people knew how to write, names such as Crisileo were transliterated based on how they were heard by a scribe when people's names were written in official records. This could have led to misspellings of Crisileo. Researching spelling variations and alternate spellings of the Crisileo family name are important to understanding the possible origins of the name. Surnames like Crisileo change in their pronunciation and spelling as they travel across tribes, family unions, and eras over the years.

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