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Most Common First Names

  • Manuel 7.0%
  • Anthony 4.7%
  • Frank 4.7%
  • Thomas 4.7%
  • Leonor 4.7%
  • Francis 2.3%
  • Miriam 2.3%
  • Albert 2.3%
  • Ronald 2.3%
  • Inge 2.3%
  • Xisto 2.3%
  • Libert 2.3%
  • Brown 2.3%
  • Robert 2.3%
  • Paulo 2.3%
  • Michel 2.3%
  • Simone 2.3%
  • Phyllis 2.3%
  • Janet 2.3%
  • Joas 2.3%

da Silva Death Records & Life Expectancy

According to our database of 28 people with the last name Da Silva that have a birth and death date listed:

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Carol Regist My story goes as somewhat of a mystery or just simply a dead end.
My grand father came to Trinidad in the late 1800's from Madeira, Portugal.
He worked and had started a family with a woman by the name of Catherine Ferreira.
The only three names of children known to me was that of my father Joseph Irvin Da Silva his eldest sister Marie and Neiza Da Silva.
My father claimed that their were about 8 kids in all....but due to the depature of Joseph Da Silva sr. and the death of his mother Catherine Ferreira my father lost all connections with his family after he turned about thirteen years old.
My father was born in 1908 in Port of Spain,Trinidad and His sister Neiza was born a year later.
I would love to get information to connect the dots.
Mar 22, 2007 · Reply