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  • Salvatore 3.7%
  • Antonio 2.7%
  • Joseph 2.4%
  • Francesco 2.4%
  • Angelo 2.2%
  • Maria 2.2%
  • Mary 1.9%
  • Anthony 1.7%
  • Giuseppe 1.5%
  • Charles 1.5%
  • Domenico 1.5%
  • Frank 1.5%
  • Anna 1.4%
  • John 1.4%
  • Josephine 1.2%
  • James 1.2%
  • Carmine 1.2%
  • Vincenzo 1.0%
  • Giovanni 1.0%
  • Carmela 1.0%

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Alex DiFalco The DiFalco name is a rare name in the United States, as I have came to find out that not a lot of us are left, (but I am merely talking about my current family I know of). That being said I know very little history of our families origin, which is unsettling because I take much pride to bear a last name - so uncommon and so genuine that I am going to probably investigate it until I die, and pass on to whomever comes after me. I hope the name, and life of the DiFalco's are not forgotten.

To start I am
Alex DiFalco,
Brother of Ryan DiFalco
& Son of Richard DiFalco whom's wife is Jill.
Richard DiFalco, brother of Mark DiFalco; whom had two kids named -
Andrea DiFalco (soon to be married and last name changed)
Brian DiFalco, whom has a wife Jamie, and two sons Lucas and Mason DiFalco.
Frank DiFalco is the brother of both Mark and Richard, whom are sons of;
Francis DiFalco, whose wife was Connstance, both have passed away, but will live forever.
George DiFalco, brother of Francis DiFalco.

There are many more, this is all I know of right now, if I find any more I will add it.

The DiFalco name that we recieved was from Italy, I know of many DiFalco's that are from France, Italy, and from Spain. I think that one of my ancestors had brothers who moved to France, though I cannot confirm or deny this.

I know that our family has immigrated from Italy around the 1890s-1900s, my great-great-grand father was a shoe maker, he passed this down to my grand father, and he in turned passed it down to my father who works for a shoe company to this very day.

Francis and George both served in WW2, but I will post more of that on another story. Brian serves for the Department of Defense, and I am considering joining the AirForce.

Our family has a rich history, even though I know very little, I know we do. We're also a loving family and supportive, hardly are we divided though the distance is great.

Our family resides in West Virgina, Indiana, and Florida as of now.

All info is just from memory and little research all that I find can be put on here to preserve what I have for generations to come.
Oct 04, 2012 · Reply
Alex DiFalco George and Francis DiFalco both served in the military during World War two;
Francis served in the 10th armed division, and was deployed. I only know his rank was a Technical Sargent, not sure if was 2 or 3.
George served in communications, not sure what division, but during the time he was in France, he had captured 12 Nazi soilders, as of July he was awarded the Legion Medal.
Oct 04, 2012 · Reply