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  • Maria 4.0%
  • Jose 3.2%
  • Juan 2.0%
  • Manuel 1.5%
  • Jesus 1.0%
  • David 0.8%
  • Luis 0.8%
  • Antonio 0.8%
  • Mary 0.8%
  • Daniel 0.8%
  • Francisco 0.7%
  • Rosa 0.7%
  • Joe 0.7%
  • Carlos 0.7%
  • John 0.6%
  • Robert 0.6%
  • Guadalupe 0.6%
  • Pedro 0.6%
  • Richard 0.6%
  • Frank 0.5%

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Zoila Masiak Every family has its myths. What I have heard or been told by my mother and syblings is fascinating perhaps only to me, as I was named after my aguelita, my paternal grandmother. She arrived to the Americas before America was America, as father told me once or twise.

After looking up the ancient history of his father and his mother, I actually understood him better. I understood what others perceived as aloofness and why he had such a royal bearing. He ruled our home with dignity. He was the prince of my life. His geneology is one of kings and aristocracy. He seldom spoke of his family to me, but I was just a child.

Once he excused his handling of his one son and daughters by telling me "Perhaps I would have been a better father if I had had a father." Didn't he know I adored him and thought him close to perfection? His parents owned a great deal of land in Mexico and California and some to Texas, I beleive. His father came from the Dominguez Family, his mother was a Gastelum.

He saw his father gunned down in front of his home by Pancho Villa's men. They also killed servants and the peons that worked their lands. Aguelita Zoila was spared, as the story goes Pancho Villa was sweet on her. Why she was spared, who knows. But I have an original photograph of her. She most defiatelly was stately and Spanish beauty! She was forced to wash and tend to his "soldiers". Understandibly, father consdered them criminal and men of the worst class. In many Mexican states and territories they were thought of as heroes for the people.

Now I know why we were raised isolated from "Mexicans", though mother was Yaqui and most suredly a Mexican beauty. It was because of their marriage that father was disinherited by Dona Zoila. I remember riding with father, and he would say once our family owned this or that. Little did it mean to me...I had him as a father!

I became proud mother of six, four son and two beauties. I see mother and Aguelita and my Nana, Rosario, in my beautiful daughters.

And was fortunate enough to marry a man like father, stately and grand, an American soldier who immulated the best of America.

Our story I save for another chapter. The history of his family and our fruitaful marriage I will write, so it won't become another family myth.
May 15, 2010 · Reply